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30 Apr 2010


This blog does not update too often these days -too much work? other interests? lack of ideas to share? - it does not matter but ... not a single post in April? I still have some minutes left before May starts and, not finding anything more informative or serious, I will allow a bit of nonsense to fill this entry.

Last week I saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and enjoyed it. The story was not Carroll's and this time the script contained allusions to a 'real world' which somehow explains and is influenced by the actions underground as well as a conventional plot of struggle between good and evil with a heroine. Anyway it still keeps part of the nonsensical and dreamlike atmosphere of the original.

Alice's stories contain plenty of nonsensical images or dialogues to choose from, among them the poem Jabberwocky.

Here I leave a link to some translations of the poem.