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8 Feb 2009


Is there anybody really out there? And I´m not talking about you, José Ángel. You are the only one (God bless you!) who takes the time to write some comments. This blog has only two contributors, Maite and me. Most of my entries are bad written, academically incorrect (don´t miss my next entry about linguistic diversity!) or both and nobody says ANYTHING! Does anybody care? Take part, guys! Get involved! If you don´t want to risk your reputation, you can do it anonymously or using a pseudonym (and spend a good time inventing funny nicknames, such as “The Shadow Student”, “A bored reader” or “The Angry Scholar”). Now seriously, if the participation in this blog doesn´t increase, I´ll start writing about ‘low culture’: comic books, Tele 5 tv programs and Dan Brown´s best sellers. You´ve been warned!

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