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10 Mar 2009

Indie Writers Deathmatch 2009

Literature and competition, why not? After all literary contests have been in vogue since long ago. We all know how they work: an institution, both public or private, convokes a literary contest, publishes the rules and writers send their work. Then a jury, often composed by a heterogeneous group of literary experts, select the best piece and this one is declared the winner. Don´t ask about how they decide which is the best one.

Well, in these cases writers compete among all of them at the same time. Exciting, but not very exciting. Now, what is really exciting is when two people fight one against each other. Like in tennis. Or boxing. I know that literary ayatollahs would hate me comparing a boxing match with a literary contest, but… take a look at what the people of Broken Pencil have launched! They call it Indie Writers Deathmatch 2009. And if you click in the link you will attend just at the final round, between Natalie Pendergast and Chris Illuminati. Here the readers are the jury and they vote for the short story they like more. I´ve already made my choice.


  1. I've just voted for Illuminati but, after doing it, a notice has turned up informing me that I can vote again in an hour. Maybe this system works better for measuring the number of friends a writer has, rather than his or her writing skills.

  2. Well, I suspect that the authors can even vote themselves. Definitively voting system is something to improve in this original match…
    Juan F.