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11 Nov 2008


Sounds Familiar? Accents and Dialects of the UK is one of the sections that make up the website of the British Library. Through its pages you can listen to audio clips with the recordings of people from different parts of the UK, displayed together with their corresponding script and some notes on lexical or other linguistic issues. There are also interactive maps to illustrate the lexis, grammar and phonology of contemporary spoken English and discover some features of social and geographical variation.


  1. I still think English people take care of their language better than we do. We don't have anything like this!
    Juan F.

  2. A really interesting webpage, Maite. I spent a while browsing it and I really enjoyed it.

    I agree with you Juan. They could add something like this inside the CENTRO VIRTUAL CERVANTES page, which by the way it is not bad at all.