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26 Dec 2008


Today I want to bring a video with the Obama`s acceptance speech, not for political reasons, but for its rhetorical value. I think this speech is a true masterpiece of political oratory and it is worth to listen it once and again. And not only the speech in itself is remarkable; the speaker knows well his job, also. Take note that he doesn´t read or hesitate in any moment. He addresses right to the audience with confidence and certainty. This is one of those rare occasions in which we can hear a politician using the language for something else than babbling just a bunch of worn topics. Enjoy it!

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  1. Obama seems to be a professional orator. In this video, he develops a single idea, that of the possibility of progress and improvement for the United States society through a litanylike speech with effective but quite natural changes of pace and intensity. Furthermore, he gains the audience’s involvement by the repetition of the encouraging slogan ‘Yes, we can’ in which the public promptly joins. Obama’s discourse ability appears to be widely appreciated as this other video suggests: